Virtualeyes LLC
Virtualeyes®, LLC, was founded in 2000 to develop custom interactive applications specializing in three dimensional, real-time simulations.  Early on, Virtualeyes found a niche supplying engaging, immersive presentations for architects and builders who were seeking pubic approval and funding for their projects.  Virtualeyes presentations have aided in raising over 100 million dollars in capital investment and donations.


Recognizing the potential for a single source web application to organize user generated, geo-spatial media, Virtualeyes developed the application,, as a global resource for local community information, interaction and collaboration.

Featured Product:
The Digital Yearbook is an online application that compiles, organizes and shares all of the events and memorable moments that occur over the course of a given year at a specific school or university.
Past News Coverage 
Al Fields (Detroit City COO)
L. Brooks Patterson
Oakland County Commisioner
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