Welcome to Tiseo's Frozen Pizza Dough.  Since 1985 Tiseo's has been home to an excellent quality pizzeria style frozen pizza dough.  Our frozen pizza dough is made of the finest and freshest ingredients. 
It is convenient, affordable, and a multi-purpose product.  If you can image it, you can use our premium dough to create it!  From bagels to coffee cakes, our hand-rolled pizza dough stands up to the challenge. 
Home made pizza dough, "from scratch," is without a doubt the single most defining factor that differentiates a great pizza from any other pizza that you will ever have.  At Tiseo's, we take the mess and hard work out of your hands, yet deliver to you the best and most satisfying high quality product.
No other products are manufactured on the premises with our premium pizza dough.  No need to worry if you have any allergies to peanuts or nuts, all ingredients used in our product are natural and we do not add any additives or preservatives to our dough.

Louis Tiseo - founder of Tiseo's Frozen Pizza Dough.
His motto was "even a child should be able to make a great pizza"

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