Welcome to WEATHERSEAL... Michigan's PREMIER Roofer and Home Improvement Specialist.

WEATHERSEAL HOME IMPROVEMENTS CO., INC. is committed to using only the best materials, certified employees, competitive pricing and quaranteed workmanship. For over 20 years, WEATHERSEAL has been providing RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Clients the following services:
        •Roofing                        •Windows & Doors                •Siding, Trim & Gutters 
        •Insulation                     •Remodeling                        •Masonry
        •Finished Basements        •Patios & Decks                   •Maintenance & Repair

Go Green BBB Certifications Testimonials 24 Hour EMERGENCY Service Roofing Services Go GREEN BBB Testimonials Emergency 24 Hour Service Roofing Windows, Doors & Skylights Siding & Trim Insulation & Air Seal Remodeling Masonry Finished Basements Patios & Decks Maintenance & Repairs Federal and State Tax Credit Testimonials Better Business Bureau
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